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Win More, Work Less!

Profit From Sweepstakes helps you set up and get started. There's tips on winning more in less time and less work. Written for beginner, intermediate and pro sweepers.

 Got Talent? Win Prize!

Entering creative contests is one of the best ways to win. Learn how cooks, poets, artists, writers and badass singing cowboys can win prizes using their skills.

Unlucky? You Could Win Anyway

You could be a consistent sweepstakes winner, even if you've never won anything in your life. Discover how to beat the odds using my insider strategies that pro sweepers use. Profit From Sweepstakes also tells you how to search for local giveaways and win social media contests. I also confide as a blog site owner how you can improve your odds of winning low-competition blog giveaways.

 Lotto: A Waste Of $$

The lottery is just like a casino. When you lose, they win. And the odds always favor the house, not you. It's time to quit buying tickets and save your hard-earned money.

Win Free Instead

You could win cash, trips and every type of merchandise you can image absolutely FREE. There's no charge to enter or receive your prizes. Why? Because it's the law.

Exclusive Chapters For Britons & Canucks

Profit From Sweepstakes includes valuable info for you, too. The book has separate chapters written exclusively for sweepers and compers in Canada and Britain. There's detailed info on rules, tax laws, skill testing, qualifying yourself and the differences between US and foreign sweepstakes. Profit From Sweepstakes was written to help you win more no matter where you live.

Profit From Sweepstakes gives you access to 2 FREE bonus books, an $18.99 value. Details below.

Give Opinions, Get Paid

Make money in your PJ's.  Profit From Sweepstakes includes a free bonus book on how to make easy money at home answering surveys.

  Free Bonus Book

Wanna mom blog? Profit From Sweepstakes comes with a free bonus guide on how to set up & run your own blog site in 1 hour.

Winner Or Whiner?
It's Up To You

I won over $12,000 in cash, seven flyaway trips, thousands of dollars' worth of gift cards and other merchandise. And so could you. Lots of people have even won free houses!

Just 30 minutes a day is all it takes to make you a prize winner.  But winning isn't possible until you start entering. Knowing my secret tricks makes winning a lot easier.

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