Enter Sweepstakes Like A Part-Time Job

Do you want to make money entering sweepstakes and contests? It’s is a fun hobby that could be worth big money to you if you enter in a serious way. If you are entering sweepstakes as newbie, and want to win stuff like a pro, it’s important to remember that you need to treat it as a part-time job in order to maximize your wins.

Yes, that’s the clincher: treat it like a business and you will profit right in your own home. Here are a pro’s four main suggestions for profiting from a sweepstakes hobby:

Treat it like a business. Develop an attitude that entering sweepstakes and contests is a moneymaking part-time job. Sweeping can be fun and relaxing all by itself, but the object is to win, right? Develop a businesslike attitude about it, which will help you create opportunities to win. You wouldn’t start your job without the tools you need to do your work, and sweepstakes is the same thing. This means you need to have the hardware and software equipment to enter: a fast PC with the Roboform form-filler installed, a high speed Internet connection, a sweepstakes site subscription and the time you need dedicated to your hobby to get your entries done.

Put time aside for this and be consistent. Entering sweepstakes on a schedule that you stick to, much as you would if you were showing up for work, helps to maximize your wins. It does’t matter what time you enter (in spite of what you may heard at sweepstakes forums regarding the best times to win), just get it done. Consistently entering your sweeps means you will have enough entries over time to be successful.

Find your own style for entering. Develop a structured sweepstakes system for yourself. Having a system for entering is important, and how you do this is up to you. The system you create can be customized in a way that works best for your particular needs. When using a system, and after you have been entering your sweepstakes for a while, completing your sweepstakes entries for the day will be accomplished much faster.

Don’t overdo it. Keep sweepstakes away from the rest of your life if you feel it’s intruding on your family and social life. Some people become addicted to this, and they can’t stop entering. Houses go untidied, children don’t get fed on time, friends are neglected. It’s a bad idea to take work home from the office, or keep working long past the end of your shift. Same with sweepstakes. You should put your hobby aside for the day after finishing your entries.

Entering giveaways means that interesting and surprising stuff will be showing up at your doorstep unexpectedly. What kind of conventional part-time job will do this for you? Not many as far as I can see. As long as you keep the fun in what your sweepstakes hobby, and continue entering yourself consistently, you will be successful over the long-term at entering sweepstakes.

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