5 Positive Habits To Win Sweepstakes

It’s very important for those who want to win sweepstakes to develop good habits for winning. Entering giveaways should be a ritual, preferably daily, like brushing your teeth. Consistency creates volume entries that help push the odds in your favor, and would help you see a steady flow of wins. The wins would be mostly small, but any action is good, right? If you can win small, you can also win big.

Here’s 5 positive habits you should develop to help make you a sweepstakes winner:

Enter your sweepstakes every day, or at least several times a week. Creating a habit of entering becomes an expected daily ritual over time. On those days that you didn’t enter, you would feel like something is missing from your day. It becomes less of a chore when it’s a pattern that you follow every day.

The number of sweepstakes you enter should be enough to keep you ahead of the odds. Entering a handful like two or three won’t cut it when others are entering hundreds or even a thousand+ a day. Don’t go overboard, but keep the volume higher than a handful.

Keep distractions to a minimum when you’re entering your sweepstakes. Sponsors often see mistakes in the forms they receive, causing them to disqualify those they picked. Be careful of what you’re doing, and be sure you have some quiet time to focus on your task, which is of course getting your entries in accurately and quickly.

If you like entering contests, it’s a good practice to have a reserve of photos and recipe ideas to generate entries with less trouble. What this means is when cooking your favorite dish, go ahead and take a picture of it. For example, if it has potatoes, great! There’s a contest sponsored by a potato promotion company every month that invites recipes and photographs. It’s a lot of trouble to cook a dish in order to take a picture, but advance planning means you have everything to enter the contest right away.

Entering giveaways and sweepstakes should not take over your life, nor should you allow your hobby to become overly important to you. Just developing a few positive habits for entering is enough to keep the wins flowing in, while keeping your hobby fun.

Developing positive habits such as daily entering, also helps to keep negative habits from forming. An example of this is neglect of household and family needs. Entering sweepstakes (and the wins) can be habit-forming, so keeping a steady ritual of entries helps keep things in check. So if your ritual is to enter giveaways from 9 am to 10 am, the rest of the day you’d be free to take care of other stuff that’s important to you.

If you’re entering a lot, yet worried that it’s not enough — don’t be. The winners are often not those who enter the most in the shortest amount of time. It’s the people who enter a decent volume steadily over time, just like the cliche “slow and steady wins the race.”

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  1. Hi Ayo,Sorry for not getting to your conmemt right away. As you may have seen, I get an alert from wordpress whenever someone leaves their first conmemt, but once it gets approved, the user can leave as many conmemts as he wants, and I don’t get alerted, so I have to actively check the page and conmemts when I want to see new ones.Anyway, to answer your question, theres not an app that I am aware of that is able to track exactly who each of your new Facebook fans are as soon as they fan you. However, when you run a Wildfire campaign that has an entry form, you can drag in a Like button and the app will collect that information for each lead who enters your promotion all the data they left for you plus whether they are a fan at the moment they submit. So if you track that lead information daily, you will be able to see all of that and interact with them both on Facebook (by messaging them if you need) or through email (since each entry form requires the user to fill out their email.)Hope that helps!

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