Happy Cinco de Mayo! My Tortilla Cooking Secret

Happy Cinco de Mayo. I hope you’re enjoying some great Mexican food to celebrate the day. I like Mexican food a lot, and sometimes make it at home with variable results. One thing I’m sure of is I don’t like the taste of raw corn tortillas. The taste and smell are downright weird, and I […]


Quick and Easy Muffins Using Leftover Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie Filling

Post-Thanksgiving, everybody’s got some leftovers that can’t seem to get used up. In my case, I had a couple of cans of pumpkin pie filling sitting and sitting in the pantry. Pumpkin is a favorite with others, but I don’t like pumpkin pie all that much, unless of course it’s submerged in lots of whipped […]


The Easiest And Best Cranberry Relish Recipe

Thanksgiving is now past, but cranberry season is still with us. Making your own using this recipe is almost as easy as opening a can, and it tastes 10 times as good. Really, your guests will never remark how good your jellied cranberry sauce is (ugh). Whole cranberry sauce in a can is a little […]


My Review of 360 Cookware

Recently, I was the lucky winner of a 360 Cookware sauce pan. Yay me! The recipe I submitted prevailed in a cooking and voting contest presented by the On The Go Cooking Show. Shamelessly trolling for votes annoyed a lot of people, but I won.  🙂 I received my pot from the sponsor about 6 […]

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