Happy Cinco de Mayo! My Tortilla Cooking Secret

Happy Cinco de Mayo. I hope you’re enjoying some great Mexican food to celebrate the day.

I like Mexican food a lot, and sometimes make it at home with variable results. One thing I’m sure of is I don’t like the taste of raw corn tortillas. The taste and smell are downright weird, and I have to cook ’em to eat ’em.

At the flea market I purchased a steel tortilla pan, but could never get the hang of using it right. It would either stick and ruin the pan, or I couldn’t get it hot enough to actually cook the tortilla.

Then I saw something on TV where a guy was cooking right on the top of the stove… with no pan! I decided to try a version of this myself, and here are my results.

Down goes the raw tortilla onto the cook top. I turned it up to high to get it hot enough, then I lowered the heat level to medium before placing it at the top of the stove.

corn tortilla

The raw tortilla.

The tortilla will steam, curl a bit and bubble.

Important: don’t add fat or seasoning of any kind to the tortilla before dropping it onto the stove. It should be totally bare.

Next, I turn it around, and as you can see it got pretty well cooked. It’s a bit overcooked for my taste.

It’s important to remember a few things if you’re gonna cook like this. First, don’t cook it on a high heat. This will make it stick and burn.

Second, always be present when cooking a tortilla right on the stove. It could catch on fire if you’re not watching. Once I had tortillas in the toaster oven and they did catch on fire, so be careful.

hot tortillas

The tortilla, turned over.

Third, wait until it curls up before turning it over. That means it’s ready to go and won’t stick. Use tongs to handle them. A flipper will melt or burn from contact with the stove.

If all else fails, there’s always Taco Bell or your favorite tacqueria.

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