How to Sprinkle Ice Salt Without Hurting Your Hands

Here’s a little life hack invented by yours truly. Wintertime is cold, wet and a rough season for many of us.

One of the more unpleasant tasks we have to do when there’s snow and ice is distributing ice melt. Nobody likes sticking their hand in that bag of salt. This task is particularly nasty if you’ve got small girly fingers. That heavy salt burns and gets under your fingernails. Heavy rock salt can also ruin a nice pair of gloves.

I had a great idea to make this easier, just by looking at at the containers in my kitchen. A half-filled cereal container is now my rock salt container. I put the cereal into a smaller container, rinsed out the larger one and now use it to hold my rock salt.


salt container

As you can see it has a sufficiently large opening to distribute the salt. And the container also keeps the salt dry and safe. Those big open bags of salt are prone to getting damp and spilling their contents all over the place. They also look kind of yucky and take up a lot of space. The container holds the salt even when tipped over.

I filled this container, and safely stored it in a small space until it’s needed. Pretty cool, don’t you think?

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