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To help launch the new utility savings website, we’re giving away an 6-piece handmade in Mexico serving set, 2 Taco Racks (one full size and the other junior) and a free Profit From Sweepstakes download.

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Total value of the giveaway is $135 and here’s a pic of the grand prize.

taco set


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  1. melanie borhi says:

    For my cell phone I only use in evenings after 6pm and for my hydro I use candles instead of lights a lot of the time

  2. Jeccica Simpson says:

    Only use a/c and washer, wash dishes at night

  3. brandi hawn says:

    i save on my bill by only running appliances like washer and dryer during the off peak hours and (sigh) i hand wash dishes instead of using the dish washer, my bill went down $35 since doing this 🙂

  4. Lisa Williams says:

    I never have the heater on when I’m not in the room,if I’m cold I put on a hooded sweatshirt,don’t do laundry until there is a full load,I wash dishes by hand,I take short showers,we don’t leave chargers plugged in and we don’t keep lights on in rooms we aren’t using.

  5. Debbie Welchert says:

    I never have lights on during the day unless it’s cloudy, hand wash dishes and turn the air conditioning up a notch so it isn’t running all the time.

  6. Marissa M says:

    Only turn lights on when necessary!

  7. I turn my lights out when I’m not using them and I turn the water off when I’m brushing my teeth.

  8. Because we rent, we cannot do a lot of things that we would LIKE to do. But we DO keep our thermostat on 70 all the time, we close off rooms that we are not using, and we unplug any appliances that we are not using at that moment.

  9. I do my laundry when I get up, before work. Electricity is cheaper then.

  10. I try to keep the lights off that aren’t in use. I also try to keep the temperature down if I can.

  11. I read somewhere once were it is cheaper to do your laundry in the evening between the hours of 9:00pm and 9:00am in the morning. That’s what I do to save some money.

  12. Mary Helene says:

    Turn off the lights!! Turn A/c down when not at home.

  13. Zoey Smith says:

    I make sure all my appliances are in great working order!

  14. Jane Squires says:

    turn lights off – put a towel over front door

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