Enter And Win Contests With Your Skills

Have you tried entering to win a giveaway that isn’t based solely on chance? If not, you’re wasting an opportunity to use what you know to win.

One of the best ways to improve your odds of winning is to enter skill contests. Most people have at least one skill or talent that could help them win a contest. Here are some examples of the type of skills that could help you win more:

Recipe contests: Almost everybody can cook, and recipe contests are all over the place. As you may have guessed, they are usually they are sponsored by food companies. They want you to create a recipe using the product(s) they sell, and oftentimes will ask for a picture. Sometimes liquor companies ask you to create a dish that would be complimented by their wine and liquors. Once in a great while you’ll see a contest asking for a cocktail recipe.

Photography and video contests: Almost everybody takes pictures, and you could enter pictures taken on vacation or wherever if they’re of some quality. There are many requests for funny animal pics and cute baby shots. Video contests very often require that the person featured in the video give a testimonial or demonstration of the sponsor’s product. If you don’t mind being on camera the odds of winning would be pretty good. Very often these contests are run at Facebook and are judged.

Essay and jingle contests: Those with average or above average writing skills have an edge here. Sometimes you would be asked to describe an experience, write a poem about the product or give a testimonial about a special person. It doesn’t have to be remarkable literature, although it should be heartfelt. If you can’t manage heartfelt, make it witty. There are occasional captioning contests around, and entrants are asked to write something pithy or funny about the picture. If you make the judges laugh you’re good to go.

Special contribution contests: You’d be asked to nominate a special person in your life or active in your community that deserves a prize. Oftentimes the nominee and entrant receive prizes. These are often cash grants or trips to an award dinner.

and crafting contests: These vary from designing a boogie board, knitting a stylish sweater using the sponsor’s yarn, creating a unique Halloween costume, etc.

Special and highly skilled contests: Once in a while there are contests reserved for app and other types of coders and for people in various trades.

The reason for the winning edge entering contests is simple: It’s more trouble to enter them than fill it and forget it sweepstakes. The majority of entrans just don’t want to bother and will skip them. Better for you to take the trouble and improve your odds by using the skills you honed through life.

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