Entering Sweepstakes Is a Great Hobby For People Who Like To Travel

People who enter sweepstakes and contests usually like to enter to win trips. Those who have been “sweeping,” entering sweepstakes for years tend to be very well-traveled, and get the chance to visit many places they couldn’t otherwise afford to visit. This is because there are so many opportunities to win trips, as they’re a popular prize with sponsors and advertisers. Naturally, they’re also popular with people who like to enter sweepstakes.

The most popular destination for trip sweepstakes are popular places within the continental USA, several popular vacation spots anyone can name. There are trip giveaways targeted to families run by Disney that go to Disneyworld and Disneyland. Many sponsors have sweepstakes that go to New York City, Nashville for music events and Los Angeles for movie premieres. Las Vegas is always a popular destination, as everybody wants to go there. Usually these trip packages include airfare and hotel for two nights. Sometimes there’s also cash given as spending money.

Once in a while you may see trip giveaways to more remote places such as North Dakota, Alaska, the north of Canada and even Transylvania.

There are many separate parts to a total trip giveaway package. Companies such as airlines and hotel chains pool their resources to create a prize package for the sweepstakes winner. This is why trips usually cannot be exchanged for cash. It’s a lot cheaper to give away hotel stays and airline tickets if you’re a hotel or airline than awarding cash to winners.

Who is qualified to win trips?

There are trip giveaways targeted to many demographics, including kids. The minimum age seems to be 6 and over. Sometimes parents must give their permission for a child to enter a sweepstakes.

For the most part, people who are qualified to win must usually be legal adults of their state or country. They also must be legal residence that can verify their age and residence with a driver’s license. If it’s a sweepstakes run by a liquor company, the minimum age would be 21+.

There are two major types of trip sweepstakes. Very often the trip is a tie-in to an event, and the trip must be taken on the date of the event. At other times, the winner would be able to choose when they would like to use the prize within a year or so. If you cannot make the event trip on a certain date, the prize would likely be forfeited. In a few cases you may be able to transfer the prize to another person.

Like all sweepstakes prizes, trip sweepstakes are taxable for US residents. You may also be required to have an affidavit signed and notarized, which establishes that you’re who you say you are and qualified to accept the prize.

If you’re lucky enough to be a trip prize winner, expect the royal treatment upon arrival. Winners of trip sweepstakes often receive luxury accommodations and stay at high quality hotels.

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