4 Ways That People Love Sweepstakes

Entering sweepstakes is a popular and growing pastime on the Internet, with hundreds of thousands of people entering giveaways every day.

This is good news for you. Did you know that offering a nice promotion at your website, a sweepstakes that awards the winner with something you sell, is one of the best ways to get visitors to visit your site. People will be happy to visit your website and see what you’ve got in exchange for a chance to win a prize. Iit’s really easy to get instant traffic using this cheap promotional method. Free listings for your giveaway at sweepstakes websites will get you several hundred interested visitors immediately.

There are so many benefits to running your own sweepstakes as your own sponsor. Here are just a few that you should be aware of:

People simply like entering sweepstakes. Who doesn’t like getting free stuff?

Sweepstakes help your visitors learn about your products and your website.

You could offer your visitors the merchandise you sell as the prizes. This is cheaper than buying a prize because you get it wholesale.

Running your own sweepstakes at your site gives you the opportunity to interact directly with your new and potential customers when they visit the website and enter themselves.

You could build a substantial email list from running sweepstakes at your site.

Email Lists: A Valuable Asset For Webmasters

Professional marketers know the high value of an opt-in email list to promote a business. An email list would enable you to contact your customers for the long-term. You would be able to alert them on your new product roll-outs, promotions and company news. Best of all, email marketing is very effective because the people on your list asked to be included (it’s not spam). You could cultivate a relationship with them, as they receive news about your promotions. Running a giveaway is really a cheap and easy way to build up this valuable resource.

Sweepstakes and email sign-ups

By running a giveaway, you would have the option of collecting every entrant’s email address as a condition of entry. Once a customer gives you his or her email address, they are in effect asking you to contact them in the future regarding your offers and promotions. Each sweepstakes you run could net several hundred (or even thousands) of new subscribers at the cost of a prize prize or two, and a small charge to shipping the prize to the winner.

DIY Sweepstakes For Webmasters (It’s Cheap)

Running your own sweepstakes doesn’t mean you have to pay a professional judging agency to set things up and run your giveaway. It’s far easier than you think doing everything yourself, and when you have the info you need this saves you a ton of money. Profit From Sweepstakes has tons of great information that is meant to help you set up a sweepstakes. You can learn how to promote it, how to deal with entrants, how to end your sweepstakes, notify winners and distribute the prizes.

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