Cheap Promotions Using Sweepstakes

Lots of webmasters struggle to bring traffic to their websites, and not sure how to viralize the website to spread the word. They oftentimes try all sorts of gimmicks to bring traffic, including paying for links at highly ranked sites, paying for search traffic via PPC (pay per click) or Facebook advertising. Site owners who know about SEO may also spend hours trying to send a decent volume of organic traffic to their website — only to come up short after much money and time spent.

These same people expended so much time and money are unaware of how running sweepstakes and contests could help them bring eager visitors to their sites. Did you know that sweepstakes that you, or anybody could run, are one of the cheapest and simplest ways to promote a website? Here are a few reasons why sweepstakes and giveaways are great to help you promote your website:

People love getting free stuff. Potential customers want to win what you are offering. They will visit your website to check you out in the hope of winning your products.

Running a giveaway is a good way to create familiarity in the marketplace.The largest companies in the world consistently run giveaways to help spread the word.

Getting free stuff creates good karma. Winning is fun, and the customer(s) who won a prize in your giveaway will remember you, and tell their friends about how nice you were to pick them.

Sweepstakes and giveaways are cheap promotional tools. You don’t need a large ad budget, or to carefully monitor your ad spending as you would using Google Adwords or Facebook ads.

You get to give away your merchandise. What better way to reduce the cost of the prize than to send a customer what you’re selling? You get it wholesale, after all.

Running a daily giveaway will encourage to get people returning to your website over and over and over…

You can control what the customer does to win a prize. Asking them to choose their favorite product in order to enter is a great way to run a giveaway — and get the to see what you’re selling.

You would be able to promote your sweepstakes and your website using sweepstakes sites. They’ll give you a free back link, possibly in exchange for running a small banner that links back to their website. Sweepstakes sites are highly trafficked, and this degree of exposure is easy to get. Your giveaway is relevant content for the sweepstakes site, you get a back link, a flow of customers and the chance to interact with people interested in your wares. Win-win for them and for you.

There are a few important rules to keep in mind when running a legal giveaway, so it helps to know how to set everything up properly. The most important thing to remember is that your sweepstakes must be free to enter. It’s against the law to charge for entries (unless you’re a legal nonprofit), so if you’re thinking of charging — don’t go there.

This website will have more important details for you on running a free and legally complaint sweepstakes.

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