Sweepstakes Help Promote A Business

If you’re a website owner who has been reading this website, you may already know that sweepstakes could help you promote your website. You’re also aware that running a giveaway is usually a very cheap way to promote your business. It doesn’t end with websites, however. If you’re a creative thinker, you will realize there are many other ways that sweepstakes and giveaways could help you promote a business.

Here are a few suggestions on using sweepstakes to get people to do what you want:

If you are selling a product, and employ salespeople to move the numbers, a giveaway that you sponsor could motivate them to sell more of your wares. Your army of sales persons would be very motivated to sell more if they know that you are offering a prize to the best performer. Alternately, your giveaway could instead be a random prize draw for those who have reached performance targets. This promotional concept idea works out nicely for companies such as Avon and Mary Kay, which are always rewarding their saleswomen with prizes as inducements.

A sweepstakes could motivate people to visit your website or office for a demonstration of whatever you’re selling. I receive offers such as these in emails very often. The emails tell me I am invited by the XXX company to watch a webinar at such and such time. After participating, I am told I will be entered in a drawing for a $500 AmEx gift card (or whatever). Prize anticipation has spurred me more than once to watch the durned things — even when I wasn’t interested in the demonstration. (I didn’t win.)

If you’re a demonstrator with a booth at a trade show, give something away and promote your prize with a big sign. This works out very well to get people in your line of work to drop off their business cards. Everybody thinks it’s fun to win stuff, and well-paid professionals are no exception. This is a win-win for you. At the cost of an iPod or something you can easily afford, this method helps you obtain enough business cards with potential contacts to fill up an aquarium.

Here’s suggestions on how sweepstakes could help your business go viral:

Give away stuff at Facebook to people who “like” your page, an then add more prizes as more people like it. This inducement encourages your followers to bring their friends around to also like your page. What could be easier to help to grow your business virally? Your visitors are doing all the work for you!

Twitter is another way to grow a business virally using similar techniques as the Facebook method. First, compel your customer to follow your feed. Then have them tweet to their friends receive an entry. Then have them sign up their friends (using your hashtag) to tweet and follow. Again, massive viral growth will ensue.

These are a few suggestions for using giveaways and contests to promote. I’m sure creative thinkers could dream up more. The best part of this is, a Facebook and Twitter page that represents your company is free, and you could use it as much as you like to promote your sweepstakes and your site. Not using this excellent resource to viralize your business is a waste. A little attention and planning could help a small marketing budget go very far.

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